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Create your Lodge cladding

All Willerby lodges are designed to stand out from the crowd, but we also offer a wide variety of cladding options that allow you to really individualise the exterior of your lodge

Rigid Vinyl - 'Enviro Green'**
Soft Vinyl
Genuine Timber*

Standard Feature | Optional Extra | Not Available

Canexel® Cladding

Canexel® is a lightweight, high density wood composite product created from engineered timber. Its deeply textured wood grain appearance makes it the perfect choice for lodge owners who want all the beauty of genuine wood, but with minimal maintenance requirements.

Canexel combines premium cedar wood fibres with a mix of resin, wax and alum, compressed under extreme heat and pressure, and finally prefinished with five separate coats of an environmentally-safe water-based acrylic baked on at a high temperature - providing years of enduring performance. Produced under a sustainable forestry initiative (SFI) scheme, the final product uses the entire tree.

Genuine Timber Cladding

For many people, nothing can compare to the beauty of genuine timber*. Our genuine timber plank boarding is also suitable for more environmentally-sensitive park locations, where only real timber will do.

The 115mm x 20mm softwood plank used in our timber cladding is prepared by aqua vac pressure treatment, adding one primer coat and two finishing coats - meaning the finished product is not only beautiful, but long-lasting too.

* Please note that genuine timber cladding will require routine annual maintenance, and will include knots and grain pattern imperfections - this is a characteristic of the product. Units may experience resin exudation (bleeding of the knots) during periods of warm weather.

Rigid Vinyl Cladding

Our high performance rigid plastic cladding is the perfect choice for those looking for a long-lasting, affordable product with low maintenance requirements.

This type of cladding has grown steadily in popularity, in large part due to its durability, versatility, and ease of maintenance. It is an engineered product, manufactured primarily from (PVC) resin.

This product can be specified in an 'environmental green'* colour - perfect for those owning holiday homes in more environmentally-sensitive park locations.

* This product has a 24 month colour fastness guarantee. Vinyl siding, like paint, will inevitably fade over time, but the fade rate is somewhat slower with vinyl. It will require annual maintenance and must be maintained in line with the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Soft Vinyl

Aluminium Cladding

Our high-quality aluminium cladding is not just an attractive option, but is also very functional, providing excellent weather protection. This cladding is durable, lightweight, low maintenance and recyclable. It is impervious to insects, and because it allows the wall to 'breathe', there is a very low risk of leaking.

This product can be specified in an ‘environmental green’ colour - perfect for those owning holiday homes in more environmentally-sensitive park locations.


All of our cladding products are covered by the Willerby 3 year parts warranty. What's more, our Canexel® cladding is covered by an additional 15-year manufacturer’s warranty against buckling, as well as a 10-year warranty against chipping and peeling on the paint finish, so you can rest assured your holiday home will look great for many years to come.

* Warranty subject to correct cleaning - a yearly wash should be carried out using warm water and mild household detergent, followed by a rinse with clean water. Abrasive cleaner, chemical and solvents must not be used. Clean by hand, not with a pressure washer.