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Building your Lodge

Designed with style, comfort and practicality in mind, Willerby offers you an exclusive range of luxury leisure lodges. Whether you’re looking for a home-from-home for weekend breaks and family holidays, or a residential model for year-round comfort, our latest collection caters for a variety of lifestyle options to meet your requirements.

Leisure Build Specification (EN 1647)*

All of our standard models are built to exceed the requirements of EN 1647, the European industry-wide regulation for the manufacture of leisure lodges. This specification dictates that compliant leisure lodges are suitable for use as temporary or seasonal accommodation on a holiday basis and are not suitable as a permanent residence.

All Willerby lodges are certified by the National Caravan Council (NCC) who work with many partners (British and European Standards Organisations, Health & Safety Executive, Gas Safe, Fire Inspectorate etc.) to ensure that the industry’s products comply and are safe. In addition, all lodges are manufactured in accordance with BSI Standards under an ISO 9001 registered Quality Management System.

Every model that has been approved is licensed to carry an NCC Approved Badge.

All of our products offer superior levels of structural integrity and thermal dynamics for extra protection during colder weather conditions, providing comfortable and practical holiday accommodation.

ISO 9001 ISO 18001 National Caravan Council (NCC)

Residential Build Specification BS 3632 (2015)*

Perfect for those who wish to enjoy the luxury lodge lifestyle all year round, our Residential Specification BS 3632 (2015) option is available on all Willerby lodges.

Lodges built to 'British Standard 3632: Specification for Residential Park Homes' are considered suitable for permanent residence, having been manufactured to meet stringent requirements regarding safety, sound and thermal insulation, construction and durability.

Additional Features

• Increased wall, roof and floor insulation**
• Low 'E' Argon-filled PVCu double glazing
• Enhanced ventilation in bathrooms, shower rooms and WCs

Thermal Comparison Chart
EN 1647 BS 3632 (2015)
Wall Insulation 50mm Rockwool™ (minimum) 75mm Rockwool™•
Roof Insulation 120mm glass wool 120mm glass wool
Floor Insulation 75mm Composite Floor•• 75mm Composite Floor•••
Windows & Doors Energy Efficient PVCu Double Glazing 'Low E' Argon-filled PVCu Double Glazing

• Ridgewood supplied with 75mm Composite Wall as standard. •• Clearwater supplied with 50mm Glass Wool as standard ••• Clearwater supplied with 100mm Glass Wool as standard

European Build Specification*

All Willerby lodges can be built to a European specification, so for those who wish to enjoy their leisure time abroad, there’s a wide range of models to choose from.

Standard Features:

  • European sockets
  • Vinyl flooring throughout

Optional Extras:

  • Panel heaters
  • Mosquito blinds
  • Various exterior cladding options

*Please refer to Park Licence and associated planning conditions when selecting Leisure (EN 1647), Residential BS 3632 (2015) or European versions of any Willerby lodge. Please note that in order to comply with the Residential BS 3632 (2015) living space requirements, the New Hampshire 42 x 16 3 bedroom model will be supplied with one single bed in the second and third bedrooms rather than twin beds. **Due to the high level construction specification of the Ridgewood, the standard roof, wall and floor structures exceed the requirements of BS 3632 (2015), and therefore remain unchanged when specifying the Residential option.

NCC Structural Thermal and Energy Efficiency Rating Schemes

Holiday Home Specification (EN 1647)

The NCC Structural Thermal Rating Scheme is designed to give purchasers of Holiday Lodges conforming to EN 1647 an indication of the likely thermal efficiency of the homes they are considering.

The scheme takes into consideration the insulation qualities of the fabric of the home and the amount of energy required to heat the air passing through the home.

The calculator generates a rating label giving an indication of the fabric and ventilation heat losses. Given that Holiday Lodges are designed for holiday occupancy, they are given a rating that assumes that the home isn’t used during the coldest part of the year from the beginning of December until the end of February.


The ratings are based on the calculated seasonal heating load per square metre of floor area. A score of between 1 and 10 is awarded to each home based upon its thermal rating. The most thermally efficient homes are those with a high numerical rating. Scores at the upper end of the scale represent industry leading constructions.

The seasonal rating is provided, enables end-users to compare the typical energy consumption of homes that are of a similar plan area and that are only used in the warmer months.

Lodges with features such as double glazing and enhanced insulation packages are likely to have a higher rating than those of more basic construction. Homes with larger floor areas will score more highly than those of identical construction with smaller footprints, care should therefore be taken to only directly compare homes of similar sizes.

Structural Thermal Label Ratings Standard Exterior Cladding Used Model Dependant
Holiday Home Specification En 1647
Clearwater 40 x 20 2 Bed 9.1
Clearwater 40 x 20 3 Bed 9.1
Pinehurst 40 x 20 2 Bed 9.3
Pinehurst 40 x 20 3 Bed 9.3
Portland 40 x 20 2 Bed 9.1
Portland 40 x 20 3 Bed 9
Portland 40 x 16 2 Bed 8.8
New Hampshire 42 x 20 2 Bed 9.1
New Hampshire 42 x 20 3 Bed 9
New Hampshire 42 x 16 2 Bed 8.5
New Hampshire 42 x 16 3 Bed 8.6
Ridgewood 42 x 20 2 Bed 9.2

Safety features

Willerby is committed to providing the very highest levels of safety for its customers.

All Willerby lodges are built in accordance with British Standard Holiday Home specification (EN 1647) or Residential Specification BS 3632 (2015), and are certified by the National Caravan Council (NCC).

As well as undergoing a full Risk Assessment during the design process; the following safety equipment and features are fitted as standard in all our lodges:

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Smoke alarm
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors (see below)
  • Emergency escape window(s)
  • Flame and match retardant soft furnishings
  • Toughened glass to required areas
  • Thermostatic shower and tap mixers
  • Low threshold doors
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors

All our lodges are fitted as standard with Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors. These constantly monitor CO levels, providing early warning of the gas well before danger levels are reached, giving you total peace of mind.