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The living area of the Willerby New Holland holiday lodge. There is a large TV on a cabinet, comfortable free-standing sofas, a dining table and breakfast bar. Large full height windows flood the space with light.
The comfortable free-standing sofas of the Willerby New Holland holiday lodge. Behind them is the open-plan kitchen diner. There is plenty of space.
The main bedroom in the Willerby New Holland holiday lodge. The large bed is flanked by two windows and storage units. There is a door leading to the en-suite bathroom.

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40 x 20 - 2 bedrooms
Length of the roof 13290mm
Width including barge boards 5420mm

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All photography and layouts are for illustration purposes only. Willerby reserves the right to vary the specification with or without notice, and at such times and in such manner as deemed necessary. Major and minor changes may take effect in accordance with supplier changes and Willerby's manufacturing policy of constant development and improvement.